I have extensive experience with designing and executing educational programmes in public administration at different levels (BA and MA, at research universities and universities of applied sciences), for different target groups (initial and post-initial education) and on a variety of subjects. See a number of examples below.

I aim to connect theory and practice in my teaching. Public administration is about dealing with social issues that students themselves encounter outside of the lecture hall every day. Through appealing and interactive teaching methods, I try to stimulate students to critically reflect on and apply the acquired knowledge.

See my profile page at Erasmus University Rotterdam for an overview of my current teaching activities.

Examples of teaching experience:

  • Erasmus University Rotterdam: minor Policy and Management in the Public Sector (BA), Bureaucracy & Democracy (professional education), Organization and Management (BA), New Public Management and Hybrid Organizations (MA)
  • Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences: designed an accredited MA-programme in Urban Management
  • Netherlands School of Public Administration: coordinated and lectured in professional education programmes about the governance of quangos, regulatory policy and on hybrid organizations and governance.